Beginning with Herbs

We are very pleased to introduce Deb Benner, and her farm Heritage Line Herbs situated in southern Ontario. Deb will be sharing her experiences, stories and herb-inspired enthusiasm on these pages – the sweet, spicy and savory.

I have always loved plants and gardening. As a young girl I remember walking through the woods with my grandmother, smelling the yellow buttercups, looking for wild peppermint so we could make a soothing tea and being awed by the beauty of the trilliums.

Over the years I have planted many gardens and learned everything I could about whatever I grew. Twelve years ago I was handed the opportunity to start my own herb farm and the heady joy of playing with plants became more than a hobby. The steep uphill learning curve has inspired me in so many ways and taught me so much.

A lot has been learned by trial and error, research, and from the many people who have stopped in to visit our farm, Heritage Line Herbs. Take rosemary, for instance, it does not fare well when over-watered. To steady this finicky herb simply mist the leaves with 1 Tbsp Epsom salts mixed into 1 litre of water and watch it flourish.

All 180 varieties of herbs we grow are started in our greenhouses, either from seed or cuttings. I have learned how to grow these herbs, to identify them, how to use them and so much more.

Over the next weeks and months I will share with you some of the tips and ideas I have learned, as well as recipes and stories. I look forward to sharing my experiences in words and with pictures, and hope to hear your stories in return.


Now the gardens are filled with herbs and grasses. This is our tea garden where visitors enjoy herb-inspired lunches, desserts , tea, coffee, and lavender lemonade.


Our gardens began simply, focused on many of my original gardens. This is a picture, taken 6 years ago at the beginning of our garden transformation.

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