Green Goods

Welcome to our weekly round-up profiling a wide selection of plant-inspired goodness. From the research world to the daily musings of gardeners and a little bit of garden history, here is what you ought to know.

If you live in northern climes, already in the midst of stick season and beginning to feel the chill, Planting Art provides a beautiful, life-affirming and steamy destination. Austin-based horticulturist, William Niendorff owns a greenhouse that supplies endless forms of magic (and envy).

Below ground, some plants have nasty habits. A fascinating look at the parasitic plant Striga hermonthica, or purple witchweed. Be sure to watch the video clips showing seedlings infecting nearby rice roots and ones avoiding the roots of their own kind.

A stunning illustrated Treatise on Medicinal Plants compiled in Italy in 1440. The album has no descriptive accompanying text, the individual illustrations include all the vernacular names used in the 15th century.

For a remote, virtual getaway Trail Me Up offers on-the-ground tours of destinations accessible only by foot.

And finally, with bushels of apples, one needs to make a pie.


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