Green Goods – Curious Cashews, Desert Gems and Botany for Beginners

This week as we appreciate the exquisite and unique design qualities of the snowflake, we also dip out of season momentarily in search of the exotic, botanically speaking.

Cashews are a curious nut, a detailed and illuminating look at the wildly unusual morphology of the cashew.

The April 1938 issue of The Desert Magazine is available in a virtual archive. Published between 1937-1985, the periodical was written for desert folk of the south western USA, profiling natural and cultural history of the region, with such varied topics as desert breakfasts, prospecting and ethnobotany.

For gardeners inclined to learn the anatomical details of plants and the science behind their own terraces and backyard lots, RHS Botany for Gardeners provides a comprehensive introduction.

And finally, in keeping with the season, the winter garden requires an effort in imagination and becomes an ‘exercise in hoping’.


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