"Soiled and Seeded Natural Heritage Explorations" is an Ontario non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the connection between human beings and the environment through promoting a deeper understanding of our natural heritage.

We operate out of Toronto.



Our Mission


Soiled and Seeded believes that our natural heritage is not only found in vast landscapes and unspoiled wilderness, but also in the smaller spaces: our yards, gardens and farms, all conceived, protected and tended by people. Our mission is to stimulate a broader appreciation and awareness of our common natural heritage by exploring and extending its relevance in the world today. Our vision is to nurture communities through an active and passionate collaboration with nature.



Undertaking the Task at Hand


We are dedicated to publishing creative, unique and educational digital publications.


Soiled and Seeded Magazine is our first project. An online magazine, it provides a unique and fresh perspective on gardens and the culture of gardening. It is a venue to indulge and celebrate our wildly diverse relationship with the plant world.








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