Barbara Ozimec - Executive Director

Barbara has never stopped toiling in the dirt. Earning her Master's in Botany, she has gone out in search of floral rarities in deserts, ditches, swamps and rainforests. As a field botanist for many years, her botanical expeditions have taken her to the Middle East, Africa and Central America. Although she has retired her field boots (for now) Barbara spends her time discovering the gardens and gardeners of Toronto.



Mikaƫl Lavogiez - Director of Marketing and Communications

Having trained as a geographer at the University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, Mikael's vast collection of maps continues to grow. When not spinning the globe in search of remote destinations, he pursues an active interest in multimedia projects. Combining his passion for photography, video and the graphic arts he has worked on numerous travel photography projects and documentaries. In additon to photographing botanical curiosities, he tends to an impressive collection of houseplants that have all been started from seed.





Board of Directors


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