Tuesday, August 9th
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Urban Physic Garden: Healing Plants and Spaces


The London-based collective Wayward Plants has transformed a neglected city site into an engaging green space where research, learning and botanical exploration thrive. Their "pop-up" Urban Physic Garden brings together people and plants to showcase a wide array of healing herbs and the transformative power of plants.

Traditionally, physic gardens were used as spaces of study and experimentation. Apothecaries and physicians spent much of their time in the garden, being well acquainted with natural history and the qualities of herbs, plants and flowers. The Chelsea Physic Garden, was the first of its kind in London, founded in 1673; and it is still in operation today.

The relaxed and spontaneous medicinal garden on Union Street is modeled after a hospital, with the plants arranged according to wards (gastroenterology, cardiology, dermatology and psychiatry) based on their therapeutic value. According to the collective, "The garden will provide a platform for artists, designers, gardeners and health practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. It will be a place for lively debate – where people can come together to explore the role of plants in science, health, well-being and the environment."

This is the group's second consecutive project occupying the same site. Last year they created the Union Street Urban Orchard. At the end of the summer, the garden will be disassembled and the site will revert back and await potential development.










Source: Photos: Mike Massaro, Illustration: Alison Moffett


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