We welcome contributions from gardeners and non-gardeners alike. You do not need to have an acre of land, just a windowsill with a humble aloe will suffice. Our definition of a gardener is very broad and so we encourage wide-ranging material - musings about your potted geranium, to memories of your grandmother's oleander - we appreciate the unusual, curious and playful. Road trips are made for encounters with plants - that are wonderfully wild. We also enjoy showcasing gardens in unlikely locales. We accept portraits of plants, gardens and gardeners. Garden history and gardening practices across cultures is also appreciated.

Gardens are no longer for idle amblers. Urban agriculture and local gardening movements have swelled and Soiled and Seeded embraces all such endeavours that seek to enhance community development. Rogue gardens, or gardeners - we welcome all spontaneous planting intiatives.

The Format of the Magazine


Each issue of Soiled and Seeded includes five regular compositions.

Branching Out profiles a tree that may occur within city limits, or out in the wild spaces. Soiled and Seeded would like to cultivate a real inclination towards knowing the trees that grow.


A community piece showcases an inspiring individual, or organization that works to nurture our relationship with the plant kingdom.


A portrait of a gardener celebrates our gardeners, those with blazing obsessions and unrelenting passions.


A food piece acts as a creative reminder that what we eat comes from the earth and is tended and protected by individuals, families and entire communities.


Our newest addition is the plant portraiture feature. Choose any plant. A potted specimen with an exceptionally honorable (or dubious) pedigree, a weedy outcast of city lots, or a purple perennial of cottage gardens. The feature is intended to explore the life and times of all members of The Kingdom Plantae. Individual plant profiles need not be restricted to anatomical, or physiological distinctions, but certainly may include historical and/or cultural curiosities. In other words, our interest lies not strictly in the number of stamens, but in the stories of adventure, exploration, drama or lore.


Each issue of Soiled and Seeded also includes features that explore all manner of gardens. Our emphasis is on plants and not merely as design accessories. We go well-beyond the how-to manual and document centuries old botanical manuscripts and detail the stunning specimens of a toxic garden.


And an artistic piece is presented in the form of photographs, drawings or videos.



Submission details

Submissions can include written pieces, photography, art and video work and can be emailed to us directly. The text can be up to 1000 words. Please email pieces as attached documents and include contact information and a brief biography.

Please email all submissions to zine(at)soiledandseeded(.)com, with "Submissions" written in the Subject line.


We are a very small non-profit just starting out and although we cannot provide payment for material (at least not yet!) we hope that contributors appreciate and identify with our larger purpose.



Submission deadline

The deadline for the Winter 2014 Issue is December 2nd.






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