Sunday, December 19th
by Editor, Soiled and Seeded



Thank you to all that have submitted material for our next issue. We are still accepting articles, photos and stories of plants and people. Our newest addition is the plant portraiture feature.

Choose any plant. A potted specimen with an exceptionally honorable (or dubious) pedigree, a weedy outcast of city lots, or a purple perennial of cottage gardens. The feature is intended to explore the life and times of all members of The Kingdom Plantae. Individual plant profiles need not be restricted to anatomical, or physiological distinctions, but certainly may include historical and/or cultural curiosities. In other words, our interest lies not strictly in the number of stamens, but in the stories of adventure, exploration, drama or lore. Portraits may be up to 500 words.

Soiled and Seeded is more than just the zine. We are currently working on a couple of other projects that will bear fruit in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted!



Source: City of Toronto Archives


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