Portrait of a Gardener: For the Love of Birds



Ron Tomlinson - Toronto, Ontario

The garden

Many of the plants in my garden are previously loved, or rescues from the street that were nurtured back to life. The juniper topiary was sourced from Craigslist from a couple who were redesigning their backyard space. The goat's beard came from the lady across the street. I have picked up a few others on Mother's Day, which is a great day for free plants on the street. Many people are out working on their garden at that time of year and place all the plants in a box and by the curbside.

Thoughts on gardening

Gardening is for the birds. I love birds. Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers frequent the suet log and suet blocks. We've had Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, White-breasted Nuthathces, Purple Finches, House finches as well as a Scarlet Tanager and a Great Horned Owl. In the winter I twist tie spray millet to the tips of the crab apple branches so that the chickadees and sparrows have a supply of seed without having to battle with the squirrels. In the summer when I am down on my knees pulling out the weeds there are birds around me chirping away. I think it is a magical place.
Photo credits: Barbara Ozimec and Mikael Lavogiez


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