For the Guerilla Gardener: Seedbomb Dispensers


GreenAid Seedbombs For guerilla gardeners, the spontaneous act of gardening extends beyond the boundaries of the garden, and into neighborhoods and communities. Gardeners envision flowers and foliage among the inhospitable urban areas, creating and nurturing verdant public spaces.

To equip urban dwellers with immediate greening tools, Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsud of L.A.-based Commonstudio have refashioned the gumball machine into a hi-value seedbomb dispensary. The seedbombs of the Greenaid project are a mixture of clay, compost and seeds, to be tossed in abandoned lots, or nestled in concrete cracks. New growth sprouts in a matter of days.

The vending machines hi-volume locations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. Phillips and Karlsud compose the seedbombs to suit regional growing environments. One can track areas that have been bombed as well as the "grey" spaces that ought to be, through the studio's website.

For 50 cents, impromptu plantings can green city blocks and allow residents to take part in creating their own livable city.

GreenAid Seedbombs Photo credits: Daniel Phillips


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