The novice gardener is often advised to suppress grand ambitions and begin on a realizable and manageable scale. When the window boxes overflow and the balcony's twist of vines and foliage extend their reach and blur boundaries, one may soon be indulging in visions of dense vegetative sprawl. The spread of flowers, vegetables and herbs without a surface left bare.

Architects Marijke Bruinsma (de Stuurlui stedenbouw), Marjan van Capelle and Arjen de Groot (Atelier GRAS!) have created a space that is all garden. An enticing and edible house brimming with peas, berries, basil, thyme, lavender and greens.

The garden shed was recently on display at The Gardens of Appeltern Festival in the Netherlands. Employing a scaffolding structure with simple vegetable crates, all materials are to be reused for the following growing season. Coming from all sides, the harvest is sure to be an inspiration for gardening enthusiasts and urban agriculturists.

Photo credits: Marijke Bruinsma



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