Guerrilla Gardening: "Outside the Planter Boxes"


Many of the concrete tree planters along the streets of Toronto have not faired well. They are crumbling, cracked and littered; some have barely a stump, while others have become too small for the towering trees.

To bring attention to the city planters, Toronto-based artist Sean Martindale organized a "planter intervention"; seventeen local artists creatively reworked over 30 planters. According to Martindale: "One of the primary intents of the Outside the Planter Boxes project is to encourage more direct participation and interest in our shared public spaces – to demonstrate that the public can play a more consciously active role in how our city is shaped." Karen Abel constructed flowers from discarded Pabst Blue Ribbon beer boxes

AT.AW used dandelion heads along the fissures of the planter

Martin Reis patched a missing corner with Lego

Sean Martindale created a box with flowing turf

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Photos courtesy of Sean Martindale


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