Towards A New Kind Of Environmental Stewardship, Beginning With A Tattoo


An unconventional conservation campaign is underway in the United Kingdom, pairing tattoo artists with scientists while mobilizing a legion of citizens into action. The Ultimate Holding Company, a Manchester-based artist collective have orchestrated a unique 'social experiment' with the aim of championing and protecting the country's biodiversity.

Working alongside regional conservation groups the artists identified 100 rare and endangered British flora and fauna. Drawings were rendered of each of the species and displayed at an exhibition at which time members of the public were invited to become 'ambassadors' of a species. Following the application process 100 volunteers were selected and tattooed with the animal, plant or fungus of their choice.

extInked is currently on tour highlighting the process of the project, along with the portraits and conservation efforts of the biodiversity ambassadors.

Photo credits: From top to bottom: Tom Bing (Top two photos); Jai Redman; Andrew Firth; Anatomy Projects (Bottom two photos).



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