The day that Soiled and Seeded designs and grows its own garden we will generally be restricted to USDA hardiness zone 5, but for now, no such limitations exist on our stories, ideas, histories and broad gardening practices. Our exposure is decidedly global.

Beyond our own neighborhoods we are committed to providing stories from around the world - highlighting communities, inspired initiatives, profiling gardeners and celebrating gardening heritage.

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What lies beneath. An ode to öde.

Fiona Mizani

The snow-covered garden in winter is full of smooth white bumps of different shapes and sizes. I know what they all are: they are pots I've forgotten to bring in, a wooden handled trowel left out to be covered by the first snowfall and then lost, or Herr G's aluminum bucket which I forgot to give back because it looks the same as our compost bin. Read

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What lies beneath: An ode to öde.

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