Welcome to the inaugural issue of Soiled and Seeded, an online zine that expands and excites conventional thinking around gardens. We go well beyond the instructional manual and dig deep to offer a refreshing and engaging take on garden culture.

A lot of ground is covered here, all in the attempt to explore the varied and impassioned collaboration human beings have with the natural world. Plants, and our own varied experience with their absurd abundance always provides for a vivid narrative.

Soiled and Seeded hopes to offer a vibrant venue in which to cultivate and explore garden culture.




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Scripts in Bloom: Uncovering Gardens of the Past

Barbara Ozimec

In the library archives of the Friar's Minor Monastery in Dubrovnik sit a collection of 17th and 18th century pharmaceutical manuscripts. The books document the extensive use of plants as healing agents and provide detailed accounts of drug manufacture. Read

Baba Link Farm: Exploring the Heart and Art of Agriculture

Scripts in Bloom, Uncovering Gardens of the Past

A Summer of Sustenance and Sustainability

Walnuts in Schmöckwitz

Not Far From The Tree: A Conversation with Laura Reinsborough

Branching Out: Ailanthus altissima

Portrait of a Gardener: For the Love of Birds

For the Guerilla Gardener: Seedbomb Dispensers

Funky Forest - An Engaging and Immersive Ecosystem

The Crack Garden - Cultivating Concrete

FloriCulture: Past and Present

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